Understanding Limo Hire Prices

Limo hire prices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Australia wide are based on a number of different factors. Whatever the occasion, it is important to understand that limo prices are different in Sydney, Melbourne, and all other states in Australia. Hire prices are not a set rate and it is important to plan your journey to make the most of the limo hire experience.

Occasion, number of passengers, transport duration (hours), and destination are all important when selecting a vehicle and calculating limo hire prices. If the occasion is something with high risk of spills or damage, such as a birthday party, then the limo hire price will be higher to compensate for this. Each vehicle type has a different seating capacity, therefore, the number of passengers has a direct influence on your limo hire price. Like many goods and services, economies of scale also applies to limo hire Melbourne prices and all other states in Australia. To simplify, the longer your transport duration, the cheaper your limo hire price will be. Pick up and drop off destination are a major consideration for limousine drivers. Driving to your pick up destination may outweigh the benefit of providing the limo hire service if you live in regional Australia. If you live in these areas and are interested in limo hire, drivers will advise you to meet them at a pick up destination that is closer to their depot.

Price should not be the only criterion when selecting a limo hire service. Age of the vehicle, driver experience, and additional features should also be considered. Many limo hire prices include champagne and chocolates to celebrate the occasion.

Major sporting events such as grand finals create high demand for limo hire. Booking your limo in advance will allow you to avoid the rush and take advantage of normal hire prices. Another example of where high demand increases limo hire prices is the Christmas period, especially in Melbourne. Stretch Hummer hire Melbourne prices increase because they can transport the largest number of passengers and are the cheapest option for work and office Christmas parties.

If you are travelling to a destination that your driver is unfamiliar with or have multiple stops in your journey, provide directions to your driver to avoid traffic and getting lost. You will rarely experience these problems, but directing your driver on the day will cause errors and also increase the limo hire price. If you go outside of your requested travel duration, limo prices increase dramatically as it interferes with the drivers other bookings.

Finally, as a general rule, limo hire prices are cheaper Monday to Wednesday as this is considered to be off peak.

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School Formal Limousine Hire

Amongst the homework and study of high school, the students of 2010 look forward to the most anticipated event of their school year - The school formal, social, or deb. On this night, students in Sydney, Melbourne and Australia wide put down their pens and go all out.

The night commences at a friends house whilst students eagerly await the arrival of their limousine. Limousine hire is a cornerstone of the evening. Students hire limo services to transport their social group to and from the event venue. Hiring a limo alleviates the stress placed on parents to drive their children around Sydney, Melbourne and Australia wide. The limo service also adds to the experience of the night, allowing students to listen to music and enjoy a laugh.

Service prices vary depending on what type of limousine you hire. Hummer limousines are the most popular for school formals, socials, and debs as they can seat the most passengers. Although the Hummer limo may cost the most, splitting the price between each passenger makes it cheaper for individuals.

The school formal, social, and deb season is quickly approaching in Sydney, Melbourne and Australia wide. Be sure to submit your limousine quotes to obtain rates, prices, and costs as soon as possible. 2010 will be another busy year for stretch limo services, so we advise to book at least three months in advance.

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School Formal Limousine

Limousines in TV Shows

More and more limousines are being featured on television. While we are used to seeing limousines hired for red carpet broadcasts, it is their emergence in popular TV shows such as The Office, Gossip Girl, and Laguna Beach that is worth discussing.

In a recent episode of The Office, Dunder Mifflin hired a stretch limousine for Michael Scott and several of his employees. This was a convenient option for the company as stretch limos are able to transport 11-14 passengers at once. When moving this many people, the price of limo hire services is cheaper in overall cost compared to hiring multiple taxis. Considering the cost to hire a taxi in Sydney, Melbourne, and Australia wide, be sure to obtain a quote from a limo hire service first. Stretch limo hire provides you with an on time service and peace of mind.

Chuck Bass, a lead character in the hit TV show Gossip Girl, uses limousine hire on a regular basis to travel the the busy city of New York. It can also be necessary to hire a limo in Sydney and Melbourne, as the price is cheaper than a taxi. Limo quotes also allow you to designate multiple pick up destinations if you are accommodating guests during your limousine trip.

The stars of Laguna Beach hired a stretch Hummer limo for their graduation. The Hummer Limousine is great for students to hire as a means of transport to and from their school functions. Hummer limos can be hired in Sydney, Melbourne and Australia wide and are a highly demanded service. Be sure to request your Hummer quote as soon as possible, as this limo service must be booked at least three months in advance. Prices and rates for Hummer limousines are expensive, but the cost per head is small when divided amongst each passenger.

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The Office Limo Gossip Girl Limo

Valentines Day Limo Hire

Every year on the 14th of February, couples express their love for each other through acts of romance. The day is characterized by Valentines Day limousine rides, roses, chocolate, and various other gifts. If you are taking your partner out on a Valentines Day date, the best way to get around town is via a stretch limousine.

Valentines Day limo hire adds to the romance of your date. Many couples go on group dates which can be accommodated by stretch hummer hire in Sydney, Melbourne & Australia wide. For a small price, roses, chocolate, and champagne can be arranged as a part of your limousine hire experience.

Hiring a limo on Valentines Day allows you to indulge in champagne without the stress of getting home safely. Your Valentines Day chauffeur will be waiting for you at the specified time and place, ensuring your limo hire experience is trouble free.

Limo hire is a popular gift on Valentines Day, so be sure to submit your limo quote as soon as possible. To obtain limousine hire quotes, rates, and prices for Valentines Day, please visit Limohuntís chauffeured transport search engine.

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Valentines Day Limo Hire

Societies Fascination with Stretch Hummers

Originally built for the military, the stretch Hummer has progressively become one of the most popular hire cars in Sydney, Melbourne and Australia wide. Our fascination to hire the Hummer limousine stems from its positioning in popular culture. Many celebrities such as Fergie, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and LeBron James have hired Hummer limos for their birthdays, weddings, and celebrations. Product placement such as this has created a perception of stardom and fame, all of which can be experienced when you hire a stretch Hummer limousine. Stretch Hummer quotes, prices and rates can be obtained through Limohuntís chauffeured transport search engine.

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Stretch Hummer Stretch Hummer

A New Spin on Wedding Cars

This company have put a new spin on the concept of wedding cars. These Smart Fortwo Coupes have not been stretched like your average limousine, but styled to blend in with the wedding entourage. Like many wedding car businesses, the fleet consists of a white limousine or black limousine. The point of differentiation is the accessories these cars include. The Groom's wedding car features a top hat and bow tie. The Bride's wedding car features a veil, tiara, and makeup. These unique decorations add to the limo hire experience.

In reality, these wedding limos would only be of use to small wedding ceremonies. There would not be sufficient room for the bride, nor the bridal party as a group. Although the limousine quote would be cheaper in price, LimoHunt recommends the hire of stretch limousines, luxury sedans, people carriers or antique/classic vehicles for weddings. These wedding limos seat between 4-14 passengers and are much more convenient and price at a cheaper rate overall.

While the Smart cars featured in this image are not available on the LimoHunt database, other wedding cars described are. Wedding vehicle hire is available in Sydney, Melbourne and Australia wide. Limo quotes, prices and rates can be obtained through Limohuntís chauffeured transport search engine.

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Wedding Cars