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To celebrate its Australian launch, Limohunt is offering all chauffeurs FREE REGISTRATION!

Limohunt is the online destination for chauffeured transport. By joining our Australian community, your business becomes listed on our hire car directory and allows you to receive valuable customer leads via email. This offer acknowledges the difficult economic times in which we all trade and the need to continue to provide innovative services that appeal to a discerning and value orientated consumer market.

How will Limohunt benefit your business?

  • Limohunt creates job bookings - The Limohunt quote system promotes your business 24/7, providing potential customer bookings all year round.

  • Limohunt advertising is measurable - Unlike listings on other chauffeur advertisers, being provided with quotes direct to your email allows you to measure the value of the Limohunt service.

  • Limohunt provides a competitive advantage - Registration on Limohunt puts you ahead of your competitors.

  • Limohunt builds up your client list - All clients sourced from Limohunt are yours to keep. Typically, customers who are satisfied with their first trip will become repeat users and spread positive word of mouth.

  • Limohunt generates traffic to your website - This creates service and brand awareness (although owning a website is not required).
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